Your life will soon be nothing but Subway!


One of my gripes with the world we live in is that every retail outlet seems to serve coffee. I’ll admit it made sense when coffee shops spread to bookstores and libraries. Sure I’ll be sitting for a length of time, relaxing whilst pursuing books, a coffee would actually be not only appropriate but quite lovely. But then they started spreading further to the likes of furniture stores, car dealerships, even toy stores aren’t safe, because we all know children and coffee mix!

Now it seems the fast food business is getting in on the game and spreading like a plague, pushing its greasy fingers ever deeper into our lives. And no one’s doing it better than Subway! Now I’ll admit Subway may not be the purveyor of the worst types of fast food, but if you ask for a foot long meat ball sub with bacon and extra cheese I can guarantee you’re putting the calorie count of a Big Mac to shame. While Subway managed to knock over McDonalds as the world’s largest chain, they sure have managed to spread to some pretty odd places. So much so they have managed to open Subway stores in:



A riverboat in Germany




A Laundromat in Los Angeles




A high school in Detroit




A church in Buffalo, New York




While other notable mentions include a zoo in Taiwan, a goodwill store in South Carolina, an automobile showroom in California, and my personal nightmare in an appliance store in Brazil, the cake most certainly deserved belongs to Subway World Trade Centre. This outrageous concept came about because workers' 30-minute lunch time actually run longer with workers waiting for construction elevators to ferry them up and down. Now it has to be noted that this store is now closed due to the fact that the new Freedom Tower in New York is virtually complete but nothing says 'going the extra distance' like having a store suspended off the side of an active construction site, all to bring you tasty subs.






I think it's safe to say that if you're on land, there's a good chance Subway will soon find you and sell you a sub. Our only hope is the oceans, but with plans to install Subways in offshore oil rigs the question remains... for how long...